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Welcome! We are

Reza Afshar and

Chris Bridgen

Known as "The Two Preachers". We are totally dedicated to spreading the message of the Lord Jesus Christ through the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In December 2013, we started a YouTube channel called "The Two Preachers". Please click on our image to find out more about us, our history and our channel!

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The Bible Mission

In December 2017 we started Bible Mission in Pakistan. Our aim was to give a bible to anyone who wanted one free of charge, via our mission team in Pakistan. 


Since then we have carried out many missions, given away thousands of bibles and scores of people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour! ! Please click on the image to find out more.

April 2 2018.jpg
The Children's Mission

After carrying out Bible Missions in Pakistan, our mission team identified many children living in poverty and we wanted to do something about it! In August 2018 we carried out our first Children's mission; we clothed the children, bought them sports equipment and paid for their school education.


These missions are ongoing and we hope to do many more!  Please click on the image to find out more.

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