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The Children's Mission

After carrying out Bible Missions in Pakistan, our mission team identified many children living in poverty and working as modern day slaves in Brick Kilns.


When we found out about this, we wanted to do something about it! In August 2018 we carried out our first Children's mission.


Since then we have carried out several more; we have clothed the children, bought them sports equipment, paid for their school education and also hired full time teachers. With your help, we plan to do many more! 

Things you can do to help the Children’s Mission 


  1. Please like our Children’s Mission videos on YouTube

  2. Please share our Children’s Mission videos

  3. Please support the Children’s Mission using the link below. Monthly support would really help us to grow and plan our missions.

To help the Children’s Mission please click donate. Thank you all so much! 

These missions are ongoing and we hope to do many more. We provide updates on our YouTube channel so please make sure you subscribe! 

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